Cut Front/Rear Bumper Chevrons

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Safety doesn’t have to be expensive. Our most economic option, cut chevrons are ideal for a variety of vehicles. Working of a stealth vehicle? Our 3M IJ680 CR options blend into most white, silver, black or red vehicles during daylight hours, but provide high-reflectivity at night or in low-light settings.

  • Front Bumper chevron measure 3.5” x 18” each, rear chevron measure 6" x 14.5” each
  • Easy to trim to fit a variety of vehicles including Tahoes, Chargers, Explorers, F150s and more
  • Bright reflective quality illuminates vehicle in low-light settings for added safety
  • Low profile is perfect for stealth vehicles – 3M IJ680 CR White option offers close match to white or silver vehicles
  • Air release backing on 3M IJ680 CR reflective material options for easy, smooth application
  • Custom stripe sizing available

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