MSSG Templates

Do you want to design your own artwork for us to print? Look no further! We proudly offer templates for some of our most popular products so all you have to do is download; customize to your heart's content; and sit back and relax as we professionally print and finish your masterpiece. 


For best results, please make sure your artwork meets the following requirements

  • All artwork should be CMYK - other color formats may result in color shifting.
  • Submit high-resolution artwork - 300 PPI print-resolution files will create the best results. For large-scale projects such as pop up or traditional banners, resolutions may be as low as 150 PPI.
  • Flatten your final artwork or embed linked files/expand fonts - Our designers double check all submissions for obvious errors before printing, but substituted fonts or missing files may be difficult to spot. Avoid issues by ensuring that your artwork is either flattened or all linked files/fonts are properly embedded before submission.
  • Follow template safety zones and bleed lines

For additional questions, or to submit your completed artwork, please contact us here


36" x 88" Pop Up Banner (Stand included) PDF EPS
24" x 48" Standard Banner PDF EPS
36" x 60" Standard Banner PDF EPS
48" x 96" Standard Banner PDF EPS


 Business Cards
Single or Double Sided 2" x 3.5" Business Card  PDF EPS


 Photo Canvas (Gallery Mounted)
12" x 18" Photo Canvas PDF EPS
18" x 24" Photo Canvas PDF EPS
24" x 36" Photo Canvas PDF EPS


Signage (Indoor or Outdoor)  
16" x 20 Sign PDF EPS
18" x 24" Sign PDF EPS
24" x 36" Sign PDF EPS